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Kingdom Heaven
"Long long time ago, our peaceful world was overthrown by monsters under the control of an Evil Lord that brought fear and suppression to the world. But one brave man decided to stand up against his odds. The Goddess saw his bravery and his heroics and granted him the knowledge of magic. With magic, our hero fought more furiously, but it was not enough. Thanks to his knowledge of magic he has learned to summon a mystical creature to be his mentor, protector, and companion, called the "Guardian". With his Guardian, our hero defeated the Evil Lord and brought peace back to the world."

100 years has passed since this knowledge of magic has spread around our world. What element would you control? What kind of Guardian is yours?


*All my work will be in Manhwa style, Korean comic, it looks like manga but it's read LEFT-TO-RIGHT

*Rated E(veryone) - T(een)

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