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My Lovely Teacher - Yumiramaia
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Ecchi, One Shot, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life Greenfield High is considered as the top performing school in the whole country. An all boys school, and most of the students are geniuses gathered from rash environments. They are former troublemakers and school kick-outs but then, this school changed them a lot. A teacher named Yumira Maia Leafbreeze came to this school by the command of the president of Ravengate Academy, the school next to Greenfield High as the top performer, to make Ravengate Academy overtake Greenfield High. She, then, seduce her students while teaching for them to be distracted. Her plan made a great progress. Every student started to make their grades fall. But one student named Setheros Eriol ,known as Seth the greatest student in the whole country, didn't affected by those tactics. Will she be able to defeat Seth? Or she will be the one who will be defeated? NOTE: THIS SERIES IS READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT.
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